Policy Toolkit for Subunits

The Government Affairs Program of The Wildlife Society acts on behalf of its members to give a voice to the views of wildlife professionals in the legislative and policy processes. The Government Affairs staff is involved in a myriad of activities, including working with TWS members and leaders to develop technical reviews and position statements on controversial issues, developing and maintaining coalitions and partnerships with other wildlife groups, interacting with members of Congress and other policymakers to advocate for wildlife interests, and publishing articles on policy news and activities.

The toolkit has been designed to provide information to our chapters, student chapters, sections, and working groups, as well as our individual members, about how to develop a Conservation Affairs Committee, how our Government Affairs Program works and how they can get involved in wildlife policy activities.

Overview of Government Affairs Program

Guidance for Subunits

How the United States Government Works

How the Canadian Government Works

Additional Resources


Interested in becoming more engaged in the policy arena? Need support enhancing our subunit’s Conservation Affairs Committee? Please contact:

Keith Norris, AWB ®
Assistant Director of Government Affairs & Partnerships
(301) 897-9770 ext 309